Why Repurposed?

“What do you mean by Repurposed Photography?” I get that question a lot. I believe that when God genuinely places something on your heart, there is an uncontrollable desire to fulfill whatever it is He is calling you to do. Our pastor at Christ Place Church often teaches about how we can be “repurposed” by God for His glory. This notion of being repurposed--modifying an object to fit a new use or using an object in a new (and better) way--really resonates with me and is the message I am trying to convey with Repurposed Photography. Maybe you’re in the midst of the refinement by “spiritual sandpaper” as Pastor Jeff calls it. You may not yet know your purpose, but God is currently working on you in order to reveal HIS purpose! You’ll get there. You’ll see it. So let me tell you how Repurposed Photography (RP) got started and what my vision is for this endeavor.

Why Photography?

I’ve always had an artistic side, but that got buried by my real job (working as a Labor and Delivery nurse). If you’re into enneagrams I am a textbook Type 2; I thrive on helping others while doing something that is meaningful…this is true to a fault. I loved being a nurse and sharing in the precious and special moment of a child being born. While I often miss working as a nurse, I have been blessed to change careers to an equally meaningful and special occupation; raising our two girls while my husband has worked to get his own business off of the ground.

Now here I am starting a photography business. Crazy. My sister is a fashion and lifestyle blogger (Oh hey! so it became a weekly task to take pictures of her to help her grow her business. I was really enjoying taking pictures, so I bought a Craigslist camera, a $100 lens, and started taking pictures of family and friends. I was hooked! By engaging with clients, listening and getting to know their stories and capturing such special and precious moments, photography has allowed for both an artistic and spiritual release that has been so special and rewarding for me personally.

Why a Blog?

Why not?? I mean, I AM a millennial! Of course a major part of RP is taking the pictures, editing the pictures, sending the pictures…done. While I LOVE doing that (don't worry, I have since updated my equipment), there is another side of it where I have a deep, God-placed desire to use photography to tell others’ stories about how THEY too have been repurposed. My clients’ stories of such resiliency and faith despite unimaginable circumstances are both captivating and inspirational.

If I’m being honest, I have had a semi-uneventful life in that regard. I can say I lost myself in college; that was a hard time for me. I wasn’t making the best decisions, and even then, I remember God bringing me to my knees and telling me I had to get it together. It was a slow progression, but I do believe God was working in me even then.

Fast forward to married life --we struggled with infertility. The doctors and specialists could not provide a reasonable explanation of why we could not conceive; we both tested “normal.” The meds, the treatments, and the unknown were crushing. Long story short, the day I was supposed to have our third IUI (infertility procedure), I sat in my car in a parking garage and I told God out loud that this was His battle to fight and that I was letting go of the reins. I couldn't do it anymore and cancelled the appointment. I'm sure the nurses at the clinic thought I was crazy! Even I felt like it was crazy to cancel that appointment! But again, God had laid a very clear message on my heart to "let go," so I did. We found out I was pregnant two weeks later…God does some wonderful and amazing stuff when we place our trust in Him. After Kate and before Emma, we had a miscarriage. I don’t think someone can fully understand the pain of that until you have gone through it. It was so hard on both my husband and me but now we have our sweet Emma! I can’t imagine life without her!

Infertility and miscarriages seemed like such “taboo” subjects to talk about while we were struggling. Once I began talking about my struggles with friends and family, I realized that my situation was neither unique nor uncommon. Many older women whom I admire (and men for my husband) opened up about their experiences and it was therapeutic for all parties. God gives us wonderfully impactful stories that can inspire and counsel others who are struggling through tough times. That being said, you may have the greatest story in the world, but if you never share it you are missing a chance to expose God’s grace and glory. I am well aware that my situations don’t even come close to what some of you have been through, but in a nutshell, this is my story. It’s the path God has me on, and I want to use the one life I have been given to make a difference.

My prayer is that this platform would allow your story to help at least one person and give them hope about what they are going through. I hope this post gives you a little insight into what I am trying to do. If you just want pictures, that’s ok too! Please feel free to reach out if you are interested in telling your story on how God has Repurposed your life…

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